Friday, July 30, 2010

Celebrating a dozen!

Years, that is. DH and I are leaving tomorrow for our (sort of) annual anniversary trip to NYC.

It's supposed to rain again.

No problem, I packed my wellies.
(taken during last year's rain-soaked trip)

Talk to you when I get back, in 10 days.
Keep well, lovies.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sounds of silence

I know extending radio silence around here is far from unusual. But in case you were wondering, I've been away from it all, on a much needed vacation.

A large part of it was spent, sweetly, in silence. Well, not silence exactly.

There was the lull of the ocean waves...

and the wind in the pines...


and the hushed turning of pages...

and the soft clicking of needles...

No tv, no internet, no email, no music, no telephones, no clock tic-toc.

Nowhere to go and nothing to do but just be.

That and of course my sweet husband, some great food and wine, my knitting (another Alice Starmore fair-isle), a pile of books (I read 8!), rowdy games of domino, and a shoreline that went on for kilometres on an practically deserted beach in Prince Edward Island.

And I (re)discovered something very, very important. There is not enough silence in my life. Though most would describe me as an outgoing, extroverted person, I actually crave solitude and calm. It's what makes me well-balanced, peaceful and productive.

And now the goal is to respect that. I want to find as much quiet in my "real" life as I can.

But I will be back. I do have knitting to show you.