Sunday, November 24, 2013

Warm weekend

Oooh, it was sooo cold this weekend. We had our first "real" (staying on the ground) snow.

warm weekend_652

But it was so warm inside, with the help of some comfort knitting, beeswax candles and cups of tea.

warm weekend_651

I also caught up on my sleep, listened to some sublime music (in memory of the recently departed John Taverner, rest in peace), and added several items to my never-ending knitting queue:

Fairy snow cap
Stars in the sky shawl
Port o' Leith pullover and cowl
Firth o' Forth cardigan
Siri cardigan

Lots here to keep me warm. I hope you're keeping warm too.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Warms the cockles of my knitty heart...

There's a new Brooklyn Tweed Wool People collection out, and it features one of my samples.

Photo courtesy of Jared Flood

Little Wave is a saddle-shoulder cabled cardigan designed by Gudrun Johnston. I knit the men's version, modeled here by none other than the dashing Jared Flood (he's a lovely person in real life too). It's knit in Shelter in the cast iron colourway.

Photo courtesy of Jared Flood

This is such an interesting and entertaining knit! I would say it requires intermediate skill to make, as there are a lot of technical details that come together simultaneously to make a beautifully shaped piece.

Photo courtesy of Jared Flood

I'm in love with the women's version in that beautiful embers colourway.

Be sure to check out the collection. It's chock-a-block with handsome pieces. Lots here to warm a knitter's heart. My fingers are itching to cast-on for this beauty from Leila Raabe:

 It would have been the perfect thing to keep my ears warm on this morning's run (it was cooooold, around -10 C, that's 14 degrees F)!

 Speaking of heart-warming, thank you for all the warm comments you've left on my last few posts. It's been nice to be back here and in touch with all of you.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The golden hour

Once in a golden hour,
I cast to earth a seed,
And up there grew a flower,
That others called a weed.

Alfred Tennyson

That lovely extra hour of sleep this morning meant that the gloaming came an hour earlier too. I got "caught" by surprise on my afternoon walk when the sun started to set. But what luck, as the light was absolutely magical.

I took some photos of my finally-finished woodland shawl. It's a lovely pattern, easy to remember and oh so pretty. The perfect thing to throw on when taking a walk in the golden hour.