Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rubia Weld

rubia masterpiece 3
I had the immense good fortune this week of winning a stunning giveaway done by the fantastically talented Julie from Rubia Weld.

rubia masterpiece 4

rubia masterpiece 1
Her naturally dyed scarf is a true masterpiece, and I cannot believe it is now mine.

rubia masterpiece 5
Julie created this beauty using the solar bundling technique, which you can read all about here.

rubia masterpiece 6
She layered hyacinth, tulip, ranunculus and peony petals, along with onion skins, osage and madder onto fabric, bundled it up and let it sit in the sun. The results are like a Spring dream.

To purchase your own, please visit Julie's lovely shop. In addition to summer-perfect scarves (the indigo ones are particularly beautiful), she has enticing yarn also naturally dyed with plants.

rubia masterpiece 7
It's quite serendipitous that I won this, as I have been absolutely obsessed with natural dyeing lately (I still have to show you the results from my class, don't I?), which is how I found Julie's blog.

rubia masterpiece 2
There are so many wonderful people doing stunning dyeing out there, it's hard not to be inspired. Some of my favourites include Julie of course, Sonia, Eva, and Margie. I want to grow up to be just like them!

BD Mark 2
Thank you again Julie, for this incredible gift!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


contented full front 2
Stocking stitch is widely maligned for its mind-numbing simplicity, but I find it completely soothing. I was thrilled when Hannah Fetig asked me to knit a sample of her Contented Cardi.

contented wrap

contented full back
Not only is Hannah (aka Knitbot) one of my favourite designers, but this swingy, drapey beauty features row upon row of lovely, meditative stocking stitch. It also has a delicate cable in the back, just to keep things interesting.

Knitting with such a luxuriously yummy yarn certainly doesn't hurt either.

contented cable detail

I was very tempted to keep it!
contented full front

contented crossover detail
Thank you Hannah for the opportunity to make this for you. I hope you are happy with the results.

You can read about the details here.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Perfectly simple

DB basic cardi front
Fresh off the needles, a very simple, everyday cardigan. I thought that the basic pattern would perfectly highlight the beautiful yarn.

DB cardi 2
Pattern: Simple jacket with pockets, Debbie Bliss, Coastlines
Yarn: Swan Island Merino Worsted, in a colour they call grey, but I would call it sand, 5 skeins
Needles: 4.5 mm
Rav details: here

DB cardi 1
It's extremely comfortable, and goes with everything. And it has pockets.

DB cardi button
I found the perfect mother-of-pearl button in my magic antique button stash

DB cardi stitches

This fantastic wool has the sproinginess of a more rustic yarn, yet it is softsoftsoft. I should warn you that it pilled quite a bit after the first wear. I carefully shaved the offending pills off and that took care of it.

I have also finished the sample knit for Hannah Fetig, aka Knitbot, which I will try and show you tomorrow. I also want to show you the results of my natural dyeing workshop. But right now I need to make myself a cup of warm ginger and lemon tea. My throat is sore and I'm afraid the dreaded lurgy might be coming on...

Hope you are happy and healthy and planning good things for the weekend!

Friday, May 13, 2011


Earth laughs in flowers.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

If this is true, then mother nature must find Hawaii hysterical.

Flowers Hawaii 17

Flowers Hawaii 13

Flowers Hawaii 10

Flowers Hawaii 11

Flowers Hawaii 9

Giant leaf

Flowers Hawaii 14

Flowers Hawaii 5

Flowers Hawaii 15


Flowers Hawaii 8

Flowers Hawaii 6

Flowers Hawaii 7

Flowers Hawaii 3

Palm trunk Hawaii

Flowers Hawaii 4

flowers hawaii 2

flowers hawaii 1

Most of these were taken in Waimea Valley, an enchanted place vibrating with colour. Speaking of which, this Sunday I'm taking a day-long workshop on how to dye with natural materials. I can't wait! Wishing you a colourful weekend too!

Thursday, May 12, 2011


I can't believe it's been almost a month since I've been back from my trip to Hawaii! I've been "out of time" ever since, getting over jet-lag, catching up at work, and soaking up all the tender leafy newness of spring here in Canada.

I'm just now going through my trip photos, and wanted to share with you a few colourful moments.

Hawaii is easily one of the most beautiful, amazing places I've ever been to. I could go on and on about Hawaii's intoxicating warm breezes, juicy fruit, eye-popping land and seascapes, gentle people... But I'd rather show you instead. During my very busy 8 days on Oahu, I:

took in the ocean view,
chinese hat oahu

supported the local farmer's market,
Farmer's market Honolulu

started each morning with a gigantic bowl of fruit,
morning fruit Hawaii

visited a truly magical botanical garden in Waimea Valley (more photos to come),
Trees Waimea Valley

marveled at the abundance of tropical flowers,
Flowers Hawaii 16

contemplated the Buddha at a Japanese temple,
Japanese temple buddha

rung a temple bell for good luck,
Temple bell

swam under the famous "Lost" waterfall,
Lost waterfall

watched with awe as the pros surfed,
North Shore surfing

crossed off one of my bucket list items by learning to surf myself, and successfully catching several big (to me) North Shore waves,
Surfing in Hawaii

indulged in some post-surfing replenishment,
Shave Ice

and hung out with some sweet, generous, loving peeps.
La famille Hawaii 2

Mahalo maman et papa pour un voyage inoubliable!