Friday, January 27, 2012

Nonstop knitting machine

I've worked up a few new gris designs:

gris jan 2012_280

gris jan 2012_279

gris jan 2012_295

gris jan 2012_292

gris jan 2012_289

gris jan 2012_288

gris jan 2012_299

gris jan 2012_297

gris jan 2012_281

gris jan 2012_302

And revisiting a few favourites in new yarns:

gris jan 2012_304

gris jan 2012_301

gris jan 2012_300

gris jan 2012_296

gris jan 2012_287

gris jan 2012_286

I just sent a big batch to Bookhou in time for a big design event on Saturday. If you're in the area, I would strongly suggest a visit to see Arounna and John's beautiful shop.

You'll also soon find a few more pieces on Wiksten's online shop, and of course some in my own shop.

gris jan 2012_284
And this weekend I'll be finishing up a few custom orders, and hoping to steal a few minutes to do a bit of selfish knitting.

gris jan 2012_283
Hope you have a lovely, cozy weekend.

Friday, January 13, 2012


I've had to take a "snowcheck" on two outings this week because of the crazy storms we've been experiencing. Which in fact is fine for a homebody like me.

I always enjoy seeing other people's creative spaces, and thought that perhaps you would like to see little bits of mine.

around the house_276
Newly cleaned desk. My sewing machine is under the blue and white linen.

around the house_275
I love seeing my tools all organized and ready to be used.

around the house_270
A little collection of sea stones. I think they would like some pretty finery. I need to learn how to crochet.

around the house_274
My new el-cheapo-but-functional ikea book case to hold my growing stash of Gris Handknits yarn.

around the house_271
The artwork in the foreground was a christmas gift from my ultra-talented and dear cousin.

around the house_278
The dear little ceramic owl belonged to my paternal grand-mother Kitty. In her younger days, Kitty was the life of the party, and an incredible hostess. She collected owls, and I chose this one as a keepsake after she passed away.

around the house_277
I purchased this Edwardian blouse for a song at a vintage clothing show I had the pleasure of going to with Margie this fall.

around the house_272

I love wool blankets. The beautiful striped one was actually woven by my maternal grand-mother. It is incredibly precious to me.

Have a cozy weekend!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fresh and fun

winter ski_267
There's nothing like a fresh blanket of snow to greet the new year.

winter ski_266

winter ski_269
Though my busy schedule has left very little time for play, I couldn't help but go out for a bit of fun. The ski season is so short and precious.

winter ski_268
I hope that you have taken some time to enjoy the fresh new year too!