Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh long weekend, how sweet you were!

- Drove to Montreal with some dear friends to see Bonnie Prince Billy. Couldn't believe how fantastic the show was given how drunk and kinda weird Will Oldham turned out to be.

- Walked in the mist-filled woods to witness a forest carpeted with trillium, violets, foamflowers, and forget-me-nots. I wish I had brought my camera, but really, a photo would never have done it justice.

- Nibbled on the best snack ever: slices of pink lady apples, gruyère, and walnuts. Heaven. Especially while reading A Homemade Life.

- Finally took pictures of Amanda. My new favourite sweater.

amanda buttons

Pattern: Amanda, from A Fine Fleece
Yarn: 9 skeins of Mountain Mohair, in Glacier Lake, by Green Mountain Spinnery (love this yarn!)
Needles: 6 mm Addi Turbos
Mods: Knit medium size on the bottom, and decreased to extra-small size for the top.

coco's amanda

I learned VERY important things with this sweater. Starting with a larger size at the bottom and regularly decreasing to the smallest size at the top is the most flattering shaping for my pear-shaped body. And knitting a raglan cardi in the round is such a treat! It took no time at all.


This very warm sweater is the perfect thing for my woodland rambles. Cozy, warm, cheery!

Hope you had a sweet weekend too!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Well, I didn't expect THAT!

I'm shocked! I can't believe over 300 of you commented! Thank you for leaving all your sweet tiny happy moments. It was such a pleasure to read through them. Thanks too to those who linked to my little contest. And welcome to all the new visitors. It's nice to discover a new bunch of crafty peeps.

So without further ado, here are the two winners, chosen at random.

Valerie won the neutral bundle:
How lucky of you to win this prize from tiny happy! I always love what she does.
The other morning as I was going to my car, I saw this cardinal singing at the top of his lungs on top of a telephone pole. I thought it was a really beautiful thing and made my day that day. I always look for birds when I'm outside, I think that they're beautiful and so happy all the time. How can you be unhappy after that!
I would love bundle one if I were to win!
Valerie | Homepage | 04.26.09 - 9:39 am |

And Nancy won the jewel bundle:
you are so lucky to win tiny happy's gorgeous work! I always love everything she does. You are very generous to have this give away and I would love either bundle if I were to win, but if I have to choose it will be number two- as teat mulberry color just makes me smile!
Nancy Topolski | Homepage | 04.28.09 - 10:07 am |

Congratulations! Please email me your mailing info so I can send the little bundles your way.

And in case you're wondering, here are a few of my favourite tiny happy things:

Striped anything.

All the laundry done, and put away. Wicker baskets are another fav.

Smooth stones.

New socks.