Monday, August 13, 2007

Is it already over?

Well, that vacation went waaaay too quickly!!! But time flies when you're having fun, and we sure did have a great time. Here's our holiday in a nutshell: we drove lots, oohed and aaahed, combed the beaches, had a great family visit, put up and took down our tent a million times, stopped for yarn and book stores, and finally ended-up in NYC of all places for an impromptu wedding-anniversary celebration. I tell you it was a grand time, despite the fact that it was a bizillion degrees out there and our A/C conked out half way. It's ok though, I always welcome an excuse to switch from vegetarian to popsiclatarian.

I didn't get that much knitting done, mostly because the scenery was just too darn gorgeous (especially in Gasp├ęsie!!!) but I did put a bit of mileage on some plain-jane socks.

Here's me winding up a freshly-bought skein of Fleece Artist sock yarn while we wait to go through the border into Maine.

And here's me finishing the sock a week later, while we wait to go through the border to get back into Canada. (Yes, I am "driving" in this photo, but trust me, the line-up to get back into Canada was loooooong. We weren't going anywhere fast. Oh and did I mention that it was a bizillion degrees, and our A/C didn't work? Fun.)

The highlight yarn-wise was of course the obligatory pilgramage to Purl.


There's more souvenir yarn to show you, but I gotta get back to work (pout!)

Oh, and I also did something yesterday that will completely ruin me both financially and socially. Surprisingly, 50 bucks has the power to do that. Stay tuned for the sordid details.