Sunday, April 17, 2016

Episode 1

Welcome to the very first episode of the gentle knitter podcast.

In this episode I talk about:

- Mandarine's podcast:

- Hermione's everyday socks:

- Ryðrauð cardigan:

- Lori's awesome version:

- Istex yarns:

- Big star shawl:

- Leighsideknit's Big star:

- Briggs and Little yarn:

- Lala's simple shawl:

- Kauni yarns:

- Sycamore vest:


Leigh M.


Waving back at you! I enjoyed every second : )



Excellent podcast. I loved it. Not a lot of silliness and very well organized. Cant wait for the next one!

C Wiitala


Very fun...I'll be back for more. You are easy to listen to!



Yay, Ottawa knitters! Nice informative little podcast. Extra points for the shoutout to Briggs and Little. Classic stuff!



I enjoyed your podcast so! Like sitting in your livingroom looking at all your lovely knits. I had a glass of wine - next time I'll have a cup og home made herbal tea. Looking forward to the next :)

Jen Khouri


Nicole! How enjoyable! I'll be a regular viewer :)



Enjoyed your podcast. Looking forward to next one.
On La las Shawl how much Kauni yarn did you use to get larger areas of color



Thank you everyone for the sweet comments.

Faith, to answer your question, I used one 100g ball of Kauni.

xo Nicole



I have just finished listening to your podcast, I really enjoyed it! Thank you so much(hope your cold is better too!) with kindest regards, Kate (Forest of Dean, UK)



Hi Nicole,

thank you so much for your beautiful podcast! You have a lovely voice (which makes listening to you so enjoyable) and I've never heard a French Canadian English accent before and I love its melody!
I just stumbled across the Icelandic letter that caused you problems (I have to read texts about Old English for an exam) and it's pretty easy:
the ð = eth (its name) is pronounced (almost) exactly the way you pronounce the 'th' in 'the' and it was even used as a letter in Old English. Today its sign is still used in English to transcribe words =)
Hope to hear from you soon et a bientôt ;)



Nicole - After a very long day at work, I completely enjoyed curling up with my cat, knitting and your podcast last night and loved Episode One. Your opening is gorgeous, paired with your kind and relaxing conversation. So glad you are doing this and thank you for such a generous offering!

I do hope by now your cold has simmered down and you're feeling better!

BTW, I will be seeing our lovely mutual knittergirl friend, Lori, next weekend! We are attending the French General Tea and Vintage Textiles Market. Wish you could pop over and join us - it would be lovely to meet you! It is clear to me, from what I've viewed on your blog/IG and in your podcast, that we share a love for a similar esthetic in our creative projects and surroundings (right down to the same patterned Bookhu bag!).

Continued success and fun with The Gentle Knitter podcast et'al! xo Barb (IG: stixandstring)



I so enjoyed your podcast--so much inspiration everywhere, and I've already cast on a Lala's Shawl. I've been an Instagram follower and a blog follower, and now I look forward to your podcasts, too. Thank you for adding this to your repertoire! :)



Oh what a joy to discover your podcast! (I'm currently re-knitting a shawl that I've just frogged... Such a good consolation!) À bientôt :-)

Jane Dale


Hi Nicole, am curled up on the sofa in our holiday cottage in the Scottish Highlands watching your lovely podcast. Everything about it is so soothing and I want to knit everything you have mentioned. Looking forward to your next one
Kind regards



I saw your first podcast today, thanks to hearing about you from Melody. I loved it.
Would you mind saying what your Ravelry name is, so I may look at your projects page. I so look forward to the next episode.



Better late than never ;-) I just watched today, and absolutely LOVED it! I've followed you on Rav and your blog for quite a while now, and it was so lovely to see you on video - even prettier than in photos and with just the gentle, delightful voice and personality I would have imagined. If I may say so, Nicole, I was really happy to see that you make some of your own projects in the more "attainable" yarns that many of us use; and I take comfort in the fact that even an amazing knitter like yourself can have sizing mishaps! :-) Tea, yarn, pottery, grey and blue - you could have made this podcast just for me. So looking forward to more! xx



Nicole, what a lovely way to spend a half hour with you! I enjoyed this immensely. Now I want to try out some Briggs & Little sport -- that shawl is looking gorgeous, and I like the rustic look of the yarn. BTW, do you have any recommendations for substitutions for Quince & Co. Owl? I feel as if you've knit with everything. I'm allergic/sensitive to alpaca (and mohair); I'm just not sure what will be light and airy, yet tweedy and slightly rustic like Owl. I want to knit pretty much everything from Hannah Fettig's Knitbot Yoked book, which is all in Owl.



Beau, beau, Nicole!!

three times three


Thank you, your podcast is lovely, and the projects inspirational.



I was ready to wave 'bye---please come again soon' when you finished, I felt you were in my knitting room with me just chatting away. 'Gentle knitter' is a perfect name for this podcast...simply lovely in every way. Of course, the fact that 95% of MY knitting is grey....that I, too, have just starting that icelandic cardi (the name of which I can't pronounce!), and that my ever growing collection of handmade pottery was totally in envy of yours in your lead-in...made me feel rather creatively/artistically close to you and your projects. (I've knit the la-la shawl in a gradient ---grey, of course---but love the idea of creating my own gradient; wonderful idea!)
Can't wait for next month!!!



(in an old old post you showed a photo of the most wonderful leather bag....any additional info on that beauty that you could share?)



I just found your podcast Nicole and I love it! I'm inspired by your projects and I'm so happy that you have started a podcast. I look forward to hearing more from you.



mention making socks out of yarn that wore like iron, commercial yarn. What exactly is that? Loving your podcast.

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