Thursday, September 4, 2014

My Grand Adventure - Shetland, settling in

I fell in love with Shetland the minute I caught a glimpse of it from the plane. Wild, green, windswept, lush, covered in sheep, surrounded by the crashing ocean, I was in heaven.

I arrived a day before the actual tour started. Flights to Shetland are often delayed or cancelled because of fog, and I didn't want to take the risk of missing any of the tour. So I spent the first night in Lerwick, the capital and main port of the Shetland islands.  As you can see, the weather was very fine. Like Glasgow, I was surprised at how warm and sunny it was. Lerwick is a charming port town with pretty streets lined with little shops selling all sorts of wooly goodness. I kept my wallet in my pocket though, knowing that I would have plenty of opportunities to acquire "souvenir yarn" during my week-long tour.

The next day was when the real fun began. I met up with some of the lovely ladies that would accompany me on this adventure, and we all set off in a van for Burrastow, our beautiful home for the next week.

Burrastow House

My beautiful loft room....

...with a view.

Some of the lovely ltp's (lucky trip people): Pat, Kathy, Paula, Lori and Claire

We had a relaxing first evening, just hanging out, having the first of a string of gourmet meals, and walking off all those delicious calories. The hiking trails around Burrastow were outstanding, and we were keen to explore Shetland's stunning landscapes.

First glimpse of Shetland ponies!

Hello lovely Lori!

It was lovely to settle in to these beautiful surroundings, get to know everyone, and just catch my breath before the start of our full-on yarny adventures. More on these soon...




I was in Shetland a few years ago with a knitting group (didn't do half of what you all did!!!!!!)......and have dreams of going back. It was a place where I immediately felt at home.....your photos bring back some wonderful memories!!! Can't wait to see more!



This looks absolutely wonderful. Are you on an organised trip or is this something you planned yourself? I would love to make this trip with my knitty friends. Please excuse me if you've said all this before, I've just come upon this post!

Margie Oomen


i love your photographs. they really capture the natural beauty of the area.



Oh all those smiling, happy ladies, and these breathtaking blue and green & brown landscapes ... the ingredients for the best memories !



Shetland looks wonderful, it's somewhere I'd love to visit. I'll look forward to hearing all about your trip. CJ xx



I looks amazing there!!!



Absolutely breathtaking! What.A.Trip!

Lori ann


oh fantastic! beautiful post dear nicole, i love reading and seeing all your photos! i'm sighing and nodding and feeling a little wistful right now, i know you know this feeling too. xxx



Beautiful post,