Monday, January 15, 2007

I sold my soul for a cupcake

NYC offers many pleasures that are difficult to come by here up North. No, I'm not talking about 20 thousand dollar Hermes handbags and Jamba Juice outlets at every corner. I'm talking about cupcakes. Bakeries devoted entirely to the making and selling of cupcakes!

Now you've got your good old "Sex-and-the-City-approved" Magnolia Bakery in Soho which peddles a fine cupcake for sure. But do you know about Babycakes? Do you know that one can literally lose her mind at Babycakes? A girl could even try and convince her poor husband that cupcakes cover all the food groups and constitute a well-balanced meal. She might force said husband to walk 40 blocks to make a bi-daily pilgrimage to bakery to get more cupcakes. She might ignore the concerned looks from bakery employees as she buys yet... another... box... of.... cupcakes.... She might run down the streets of the hippest city in the world covered in icing yelling "Mmmflerrdmmmmwermm!"

Did I mention that these cupcakes happen to be vegan? (even though I'm not) Vegan food is healthy right? These cupcakes are good for you! Full of vitamins and antioxidants, I tell you! What could possibly be wrong with eating nothing but cupcakes 3 times a day for over a week?

To illustrate:

Before the fall, still normal.

Sanity is still intact but severely threatened.

The exact moment I lost my soul. I blame her and her for blogging about this place. Thanks for ruining my life, gals!

Sweet perdition... Move along people, nothing to see here. It's over.

To make up for lack of knitting content today, please have a look at the blue neck tube thingie I'm wearing while I loose my mind. In French we call this item a "Passe-Montagne" (translates to: pass-mountain? don't ask me why). It was knit very late, the night before we left, because I don't have enough neckwear already (those who know me may laugh hysterically now).

2 balls of Jo Sharp merino DK, held double (sorry, exact name and colour nowhere to be found. Lost the ball bands of course) in a lurvely robin's egg blue.

I just knit a tube of seed stitches till I had enough. Hardly wore it as it was freakishly warm in NYC. Yay Global Warming!




Oh I feel so accomplished that I've spread the babycakes gospel . . . and I'm also incredibly jealous! How I've lusted for one of those now that I'm many hundred miles from them (almost in Canada, in fact)!



Yes, babycakes was a religious experience. My new mission in life is trying to figure out the recipe on my own. Good luck to me!




ha! i just read this post and it is the BEST!

aw, i miss that place!!!

i love to think that i had a small part in spreading the babycakes love!