Thursday, November 15, 2007


Uh Oh! I dropped the ball. Last night I got home very late and just crawled into bed without thinking. Crap, I FORGOT TO BLOG!!!

Part of me is disappointed. I was halfway through this NaBloPoMo thingie and was managing to pull it off. But a big part of me is very relieved. Blogging everyday is super hard! Especially when there is zero natural light to speak of.




These photos where taken at noon. And it's a SOUTH facing perspective!

How can a girl take enticing photos in these circumstances? And like most of you, I am on a very tight holiday knitting deadline. Blogging everyday sucks up a lot of precious knitting time.

I appreciate all of your encouraging words along the way and I will make an effort to blog more often than I used to (say, every 3 or 4 days?) There's still a lot more of my old knits to show you, and some favourite things I still want to talk about.