Friday, November 2, 2007

Little treasures

I almost forgot! I not only have old knits to show you, I also have Rhinebeck haul, and even summer vacation loot left to blog/brag about. So NaBloPoMo may not be so painful after all.

First up, little itty bits of Rhinebeck pleasures:

Moving Mud buttons. I spent forever at their booth in Rhinebeck. I agonized over which buttons to buy. I deeply regret not buying more. Their stuff was so very gorgeous. These 3 sets aren't the same, but they do "go" together I think. I've got lovely seafoam Fleece Artist wool, enough to make a small cardi, and these little gems will look lovely with it.

Another button indulgence: this hand-embroidered button by S. Borger (sorry, couldn't find a link). I just love the colour combo of brick red, juicy pink, chocolate brown, bright gold and mossy green. No doubt it'll find its way on a swingy one-button jacket.

I totally fell in love with this single skein of hand-dyed and handspun wool from from Cozy Rabbit Farm. It's only 50 yards, and not exactly the softest yarn, but I could not resist the colours. Again with the brick red (much richer than in the photo). I could use for a wide brim on a hat. Or mitten cuffs. Not sure yet.

My last little treasure for today is this link. DO NOT click on this link if you are drinking soda pop, or if you really need to pee. I cannot be held responsible for any "leakage" issues that might ensue. Make sure you watch it till the end!