Saturday, August 20, 2011

Freshening things up

This was my last week of summer vacation, and I spent most of it scrubbing, scraping and painting. We live in a small, sweet old house that is in need of some work. We've been holding off on fixing things up till we have enough money saved for real renovations, but it had gotten to the point where things were really starting to get grubby. Several cans of white paint later, the house is looking a lot fresher.

Before kitchen yellow
When we moved in, we made the rookie move of painting each room a bold, vibrant colour. The old kitchen paint was aptly named "Highlighter Yellow", which made the room look even smaller than it was.

shelving coverup
Now it's a wash of white with blue accents. I've always loved white and blue for a kitchen. So crisp and clean.

Our small kitchen lacks cabinet space, so most of our food, baking dishes, and kitchen appliances are stored in big plastic bins on these utility shelves–not very attractive. I bought 8 metres of old-fashioned kitchen toweling and made curtains to hide the clutter.

Freshened up kitchen
Much better!

denim weave
My favourite part is this little wall hanging. It's actually a denim rag rug, but looks rather fetching as a wall decoration. DH is not so sure about it, but I love it!

Now that the big work is done, I can concentrate on spending the rest of this weekend with more relaxing occupations.

sweet little fabric piles
I spent the afternoon sorting some of my favourite fabric scraps into coordinated piles. I've got a plan for these, though I don't yet want to reveal what that is.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend too!




I love freshening up things and you did a great job in your kitchen! I love how you transformed the utility shelves! Everything looks beautiful with a fresh coat of white paint. I'm specially smitten with the corner with the denim wall hanging, the pretty terracota planters and the amazing vine growing just outside your kitchen window :-)



I love it Nicole!! Reminds me of my last home/kitchen. The paint was white with a hint of blue and I loved it. Your curtains are pretty! Thanks for the inspiration :)



would making sure the topside of the denim wallhanging was really straight like the underside is now make your other half more convinced of its beauty? Sonehow the sagging does not do it justice, I think. I love its potentials ;-)



Very nice!!! good job - would have to agree that also prefer the white to the very bright yellow!!! good job!!

elena gold


oh wow! love the white and blue kitchen. very genius making the cupboard curtains too. and personally i love the wall hanging, and just how it is. lovely organic shape, color and texture. :)



Your kitchen looks fresh and inviting. I like the little touches especially your wall tapestry and the pottery. I went to art at the farm yesterday, it was full of local artists including a weaver and a potter with the most amazing bowls. Looking forward to the mystery of the fabrics--what will it be?



Love the kitchen! It's inspiring me to get off my duff and refresh the tired old kitchen in my 1920's era house. Would those fabric scraps be waiting to be part of a quilt top? I can't wait to see your finished project.



I was going to say everything Geninne said above, she literally took all the words off my mouth ! I adore what you & your loved one have made of the kitchen. That yellow wall really had to go, my gosh. White & denim blue are a gorgeous color combo, so clean & fresh.



-beautiful photos
-love the wall hanging
-love the last photo with the piles of beautiful patterned fabric - can't wait!



Well, done on the kitchen! It's beautiful. (Wish oh wish I could join you for coffee one morning!) xo

Margie Oomen


i can't wait to see it in person next time i am in ottawa



How pretty and peaceful! Blue and white are one of my favorite color combinations.

Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve with the fabrics!



what a beautiful space! I would love to live there!



I think white walls are the best! I bet your kitchen looks fresh and new!



Hi Nicole! What a treat it was to meet you and your partner at Geninne's workshop, and you were so sweet to provide us all with so much visual inspiration. Your blog is gorgeous!



you have a gorgeous home. love the paintjob!