Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Unmistakable signs

Despite the still warm weather, there are signs that fall is right around the corner.

little fruit
Ripening fruit.

first sign of fall
Ready-to-pick apples.

first red leaf
Reddening leaves.

nightfall on our street
Rapid nightfall.

big cables
Return of thick, squishy goodness on the needles...

What changes have you noticed?

(oh and a big thank you for all the photo love!)




Chez nous...les haricots sont presques porte un chandail pour sortir le chien en soirée...j'ai remis ma courte-pointe sur le lit et l'eau est trop froide dans le lac !
Ali xx



Here I've noticed a few grape leaves have started to turn red, which is the start of the sweetening of the grapes. Next month harvest will start for the chardonays. I also notice the cake of dust on the ivy and vinca along side the dirt road (as we live off an old logging road, that means dust everywhere July thru Sept). Papery madrone leaves which have fallen from the trees and left a carpet of varying terracotta shades on the ground. The CA Bay Laurel are starting to make their berries and I can smell the hot spice in the woods where I live... and so then it begins to smell a little like Autumn. Still hot, scary dry, really thirsty for rain here in No.California Mtns. I'm noticing that this time of year I long to visit Ireland, or Scotland, though I've never been to either. :)



Oh noooo, say it ain't so. I'm not quite ready for fall though I was wearing some wool for the last couple of days. Squishy woolen goodness should be around all year!

Margie Oomen


i know exactly what you mean
lets enjoy the remains of summer while we can



Ah, more gorgeous photos!

My husband just surprised me with the 3100 for our anniversary, so I need to learn how to use it like you do.

Here in Arizona, it's not feeling like fall yet (supposed to be 108 today). But my New England blood is thinking autumnally ... just started swatching and playing around to make a birch-bark inspired fabric. Must be hankering for bare branches.



Oh yes, we're getting closer and closer to my favorite season :) The starlings are back and there are subtle changes in the light. Can't wait to see your your knitted treasures. I hoping to learn from you!



Signs of late summer: crickets are getting louder in the evening and morning dew.

Holly M


You are a GOOD photographer, we have to compare notes. I love your macro work.