Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rubia Weld

rubia masterpiece 3
I had the immense good fortune this week of winning a stunning giveaway done by the fantastically talented Julie from Rubia Weld.

rubia masterpiece 4

rubia masterpiece 1
Her naturally dyed scarf is a true masterpiece, and I cannot believe it is now mine.

rubia masterpiece 5
Julie created this beauty using the solar bundling technique, which you can read all about here.

rubia masterpiece 6
She layered hyacinth, tulip, ranunculus and peony petals, along with onion skins, osage and madder onto fabric, bundled it up and let it sit in the sun. The results are like a Spring dream.

To purchase your own, please visit Julie's lovely shop. In addition to summer-perfect scarves (the indigo ones are particularly beautiful), she has enticing yarn also naturally dyed with plants.

rubia masterpiece 7
It's quite serendipitous that I won this, as I have been absolutely obsessed with natural dyeing lately (I still have to show you the results from my class, don't I?), which is how I found Julie's blog.

rubia masterpiece 2
There are so many wonderful people doing stunning dyeing out there, it's hard not to be inspired. Some of my favourites include Julie of course, Sonia, Eva, and Margie. I want to grow up to be just like them!

BD Mark 2
Thank you again Julie, for this incredible gift!


Margie Oomen


it looks incredibly beautiful on you



I second Margie. That scarf was meant to be worn by you, Nicole !
and your smile can warm your whole country :D Or at least that's how it feels to me



such a gorgeous scarf! i love the soft colors and the generous size. you look really happy wearing it ... and hey this goes great with your eyes too. :)



what an interesting way to dye fabric. It is very pretty on you. Does it wash like regular fabric as well? Thanks for the links!



that is one beautiful scarf, and model!



I am Stephanie, Julie's mom and I just finished knitting her your Katarina seamless.
You gave me some quick answers to a couples of questions. Thanks you and I am glad you are enjoying her dyeing!



Such a gorgeous scarf! I love the soft colors!

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It looks like it's specially made for you. Extremely beautiful.



oh, so gorgeous (you and the scarf!) xx



it looks good on you