Friday, June 17, 2011

This woman's work

Maria Bosch Working from Toast Travels on Vimeo.

I was fascinated watching this woman's beautiful work. I've never seen pottery done this way.
(via Toast Travels website)

I hope you have a lovely and creative weekend yourself!


Margie Oomen


that was incredible
almost like a birth experience
the light in the studio was fantastic too
hope you are enjoying the incredible weather



I also watched it in its entirety
and I also never had seen pottery done this way
that was so interesting
Margie's right, what a light her studio gets, oh my
thanks for sharing, Nicole xoxo



Hi, this is a quite common tecnique, at least over here in Europe. It looks very beautiful, thanks for the video!

life ldc


I wonder if this is what they refer to when they say "hand building" - I did a potter class ages ago and we never got near a wheel - and that's what I thought pottery was all about!