Friday, January 26, 2007

Good things grow in Brooklyn

Back to my periodic ramblings about our trip to the Grosse Pomme.

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge by foot is a must-have experience!

We made our way to the Brooklyn Museum. What a cool place! I especially loved the Ron Mueck exhibition (quick, you have till February 4 to see it). Sorry, no photos allowed.

The museum's art collection is curated in an interesting way. It's displayed by themes such as self-portraits, landscapes, nudes etc... They mix time periods, styles and mediums. Every object has an interesting, user-friendly label. You can tell they really want to make their collection accessible and relevant to everyone and provide different cultural perspectives. DH snapped this quote on the wall. I think it says it all.

Another great thing: there are lots of comfy places to just sit and rest.

From there, we headed towards the Brooklyn General Store, but ran into this on the way. I love small, neighborhood bookstores. Some will argue that the big-boxes have their place, but I don't think you get the same level of service and attention. The people at Bookcourt really know and love books!

As I mentioned in a previous post, Brooklyn General Store is a delight. They have super-friendly staff, cool music, a big table at the back where a gaggle of knitters can stitch and bitch at an Olympic level, and of course, too many must-haves to choose from. Whoever buys for that store has serious taste!

I'll show you what I bought there in my next post.




I just wanted to say, I like your blog. I found it through Lovely Purls.



Oh my goodness - how I do adore Brooklyn . . . sigh. Sadly I never made it to the Brooklyn Museum, but next time I visit I'll have to consult YOUR recommendations! And all the wonderful memories of walking across the Brooklyn Bridge . . .