Thursday, January 18, 2007

Does this yarn go with my shoes?

New York City wasn't all about yarn shopping. I also did a little bit of shoe shopping. No, not for Manolos, or Jimmy Choos (I don't do high heels), but for Campers.

It's sort of a tradition for me to buy weird Camper shoes when I'm in New York. We b-lined it to the Soho Camper store on our first day to check out the goods. There were soooo many cool shoes to choose from, but my budget only allowed for one pair. I made it count and bought the kookiest ones.

I love these beauties, though I did hesitate because they're so different from what passes for "normal" footwear where I live. But they're fun and actually, they do go well with a lot of my clothes.

What does this have to do with knitting you ask? Well, I was so in love with the colour scheme of these flats that it affected my yarn colour choices, as you can see if you take a peek in my NYC booty-basket. The trend is likely to continue...