Tuesday, January 16, 2007

For the love of Koigu

Like many knitters, I'm totally in love with Koigu. Their hand-painted sock yarn is truly a thing of beauty, with breathtaking colour combinations.

But I have a little bone to pick with the ladies at Koigu. Even though it's a Canadian company, it's quite difficult to find North of the border. I've spoken to several yarn store owners here who have a hard time stocking it. It feels kinda unpatriotic for me to load up on Koigu when I'm in the States, but a girl's gotta satisfy her hunger for the mighty KPPPPM. So of course you know where I'm going with this. It's the second featured item of my NYC yarn binge: 2 skeins of Koigu Painter"s Palette Premium Merino in colour # 515.

Capturing the delicate colours in a photo is impossible. Just imagine the softest sparrow browns shot with pomegranate reds and peacock blues. Very lovely.

Most of this sock was knit last night while watching the Golden Globes. What a snooze-fest, except for speeches from the Brits. Sacha Baron Cohen, Helen Mirren and Hugh Laurie displayed witty British humour. The sycophantic ravings of Tom Hanks and Warren Beatty however I could have done without!

Gown-wise, things where "meh".

Best: Drew Barrymore's pale pink confection, though she should go easy on the self-tanner next time! Cheez-whiz coloured skin is not a good look for her.

Worst: Sienna Miller, especially the Heidi-do. It looked like our little alpine miss had come from a rowdy barn romp with the goats (if you know what I mean) and still had some bits of hay stuck to the back of her head. Cameron Diaz also looked pretty rough. Guess she's taking the whole break-up with Mr. JT a bit hard.




Nothing since Tuesday, huh. Just another sad, neglected blog-child.




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