Sunday, July 20, 2014

My church

Sunday morning has always been a favourite time of mine to take a walk in the forest. To me, it's the perfect place to centre myself and connect. Sadly, I haven't been able to get out much so far this summer. Several weeks ago, I slipped and fell down our stairs and partially tore a ligament in my knee (goodbye fall marathon). Lots and lots of physio ensued. It was really tough being "good" and staying off the biking, running and hiking trails. I finally got the ok from my physiotherapist the other day to test my knee out on a modest (but oh so pretty) hiking trail. I was very relieved to find out that I should be perfectly fine to wander around the beautiful Shetland and Iceland landscape. Phew!

It's as if the forest knew I had been longing to see her. She put on quite a show for me.

This underpass always makes me think of the Hobbit.

Everything smelled so fresh and green.

Looks like this White Admiral (Limenitis arthemis) had a lucky escape

Unfortunately this little guy did not.

Look at those incredible digging hands! I think this is Parascalops breweri, the Hairy-tailed mole. I wonder what happened to it? I could not see any obvious signs of injury.

Some sort of Fleabane.

Hello Daddy Longlegs.

I was so excited to see this White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) that I didn't think to switch the camera to auto-zoom. This was the best pic in the bunch.

Maidenhair fern, Andiantum pedatum, one of my favourite woodland plants

Rubus odoratus,
Purple-flowered raspberry.

 Anemone virginiana, Thimbleweed.

??? (note to self: buy a mushroom identification guide!)

What's this odd creature? I think it's the rare Coco knittyii.

That was SO refreshing!

Ok now, back to my to-do list.




Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!

Cristina Rose


i love this so much especially that deer :)



Waterfall trail? Those pictures sing summer! How beautiful and crisp and vibrant! xox



Poor little chap...
What a beautiful collection on photos... I didn't know there was a White Admiral we only get the red here... I'm off to a moth workshop in an hour... so excited! Smiles Cass x



such a pretty post! hope you're feeling better.



Beautiful! Specially that last photo of you :) You got another tat! love it. I'm so sorry you fell but glad to know you're doing better. Hugs xoxo



Beautiful photos, and what a perfect way to spend a morning aside from the poor wee mole).

Glad that you're on the mend -- sounds like a frustrating patch. I'm so jealous of the Iceland trip. A knitter's dream!



Yes Jen, took these on the Lauriault trail, just off Waterfall... Heavenly place!



Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Lori ann


dear beautiful girl, i'm so happy to hear you are healing (so sorry about the injury), that is indeed a spiritual place, exactly my kind of church too. i loved this walk with you, thank you for sharing these beautiful photos! pretty soon we'll be taking them together!



I know exactly where you were walking! I was just in the Parc last week doing the Pink Lake trail with my family. It is such a beautiful and, as you say, refreshing, place to go. Best wishes for a steady knee on your next big adventure :)



Great photos! What a beautiful walk :)

Margie Oomen


i will be thinking of you in iceland. maybe you will find some of the stones i am leaving along my journey. xx