Friday, August 15, 2014

Still unpacking…

I’ve been back a few days, and I’m still making sense of the wonderful experiences I’ve had over the last few weeks. How does one “unpack” the rich treasures that such a trip brings: the lovely new friends, the wonderful experiences, the breathtaking sights, the decadent accommodations, the complete freedom and delight of being fully engaged in a wooly world…? Never mind sorting out the laundry, the photos, the yarn! It’s a bit of a shock to the system coming back to work obligations, house-cleaning and heart-breaking headlines. I’m taking things slow…

This weekend I plan on:
 - sorting out some of my photos to show you glimpses of Shetland and Iceland
- soaking up as much time as possible with my dearly-missed husband and friends
- wrapping myself up in my brand new Icelandic-yarn shawl (it’s surprisingly cold here!)
- going to the farmer’s market, and eating as many veggies as I can stuff into my face (the price of produce in Iceland was MIND-BLOWINGlY expensive!!!)
- Look through my cookbooks for a nice tea cake recipe

What about you? What are you up to this weekend?




Love your piles of cook books!!
And the shawl looks beautiful.
This weekend will be filed with lots of kitting and hopefully some hiking if the weather stays fine :)



Welcome home!
It's my birthday weekend - and thanks to my daughter, there will be lots of pampering in store.
So excited to see those photos of your travels!



Welcome back home! Ah, unpacking is like trying to keeping the 'sand' of the journey in the pocket... Here, it's the end of our wonderful summer in London, so keeping some nice habits... and baking a lemon drizzle cake! Have a great weekend!



Coucou Nicole! Je suis comme toi, j'ai du mal à atterrir! Heureusement il y a eu cette semaine en famille qui m'a "remise dans le bain" mais ma tête est encore un peu à Shetland avec vous! Je suis curieuse de voir davantage ce châle... Et ma question est (bien sûr): est-elle douce cette laine?!!!
Au programme ce week end: des lessives, du ménage, du rangement, du tri dans mes photos aussi... Et un peu de tricot quand même.. Que j'aurais volontiers partagé avec toi en papotant autour de ton tea cake! xoxo

Margie Oomen


I hear you so clearly. The worst thing for me wasn't returning home one night and working 10 hours the next, or adjusting back to a plant based diet. The most difficult thing for me to adjust to was sleeping in a bed again after over two weeks in a tent on some of the most spectacular campsites in the world.



The shawl looks really good, beautifull colours:)
Ah yes, I have heard that food is totally expensive in Iceland!
I need to totally realax with hours and hours of knitting and crocheting!
Though I really should wash some clothes, and clean the kitchen..



beautiful shawl....and looking forward to the Shetland photos. It's been way too many years since I've been there....anxious to relive some of my trip through yours!!
that pile of my kind of pile---with the crock of knitting needles in the midst!



Bon retour, Nicole! Ce châle...quel patron??



Hola beautiful girl! so glad to see you back here. I loved seeing your photos on Instagram during the trip. The shawl is gorgeous!!!



Welcome home, my friend !
Now you know how I felt when I came back from my trip to your beautiful country, and after meeting so many of my friends & extra people I didn't know !!
I hope you will manage to find your marks again, and will enjoy the transition to the next season. These beautiful golden yellows & oranges in your knit above totally makes me think of autumn !
xoxo big hugs !

eau de nil


dear nicole,
i'm where you are, unpacking . . .
beautiful, warm colours here +
i look forward to your photos,
but i'll patiently wait for you to finish your cake first :)



Hi, I love your blog!! I can't wait to see all of the Shetland and Iceland pictures!!!!

Annie Cholewa


I can't wait to see your pics. And I love the colours of your shawl.

I've been ordered by my doc not to knit at the moment - an old thoracic spine injury that is now arthritic is pinching a nerve - not having any yarn on my needles is just so discombobulating.



That shawl looks gorgeous! And I love cook books - even if I don't cook from them they are still lovely to look through.



Wow! You were pretty busy that weekend, Nicole. I guess being busy just goes hand in hand with moving. In any case, the new place seems really nice. I hope you're enjoying Iceland. Keep us posted! All the best! :)

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