Friday, February 8, 2013

To keep you warm

Are things snowy in your part of the world? Here, we're in the midst of a delightful little snowstorm. In case you're looking for something to keep you warm, here are two lovely pieces I knit for the latest winter collection from Brooklyn Tweed:

Altair, by Jared Flood

I think this sweet hat would be a great starter project for someone wanting to try their hand at fair-isle.

Kirkwood, by Julie Hoover

Love the combo of the waffle background and the plump cables on this beautiful scarf.

This weekend I'm:
- Working on another sample, while listening to the majestic new Grizzly Bear record
- Catching up on sleep (had waaaay too much fun in NYC)
- Starting a new book we picked up at the Strand
- Meeting up with some of my best girls to knit and chat
- I'll also try to take some photos of my new cardi, as well as a Tova dress I finished in time for our trip, in some long-hoarded Liberty

What are you up to this weekend? If you have a few minutes to spare, and you'd like to read a little interview with me, head over to Vibeke's gorgeous blog

(as always, thank you to Jared for letting me use his photos)




Beautiful hat and scarf! Very much enjoyed the interview...we share much in common. (I am a museum registrar working at a state historical society, a bit of a worrier, lover of winter, and a knitter,). Looking forward to seeing photos of your finished cardi!



amazingly beautiful knits!
love that cap. i'm into caps now that i have shorter hair....



Oui, oui, show us your dress and your cardi...and tell us more about your stay in NYC.



I really enjoyed reading your interview, Nicole. I, too, get inspired by looking out the window. Also, your chosen quotes spoke to me.

Lori ann


your knitting is so so lovely, such pretty samples, it must be hard to send them off! can't wait to see your cardigan and dress. i'm off to follow your links now.

this weekend we are catching up with best picture nominated movies.



Can't wait to see your cardi and Tova dress.
Loved reading your interview with V!

(And glad you had fun in NY!)



Your knitting leaves me speechless! I'm so happy to have a few of your pieces at home to enjoy. I LOVED reading that interview. You're beautiful inside and out! Miss you!

Annie Cholewa


Beautifully knitted pieces Nicole, love the hat! And I really enjoyed the interview with Vibeke, which I read yesterday.

Too late to tell you what I'm up to this weekend, Monday is only a few hours away now in the UK! Hope you've had a lovely one though :)

Margie Oomen


happy birthday my sweet beautiful friend



More beautiful knits! You have the most impressive knitting stamina and most prodigious output.

NYC sounds delightful, and your timing was spot-on. My poor relatives on Long Island were quite beleaguered by weather once again.



I just had to take this moment to visit your beautiful online space and publicly thank you for such beautiful work on Kirkwood Sublime. As are you! xx