Monday, August 20, 2012

Untold Imprint and Craft It Forward

 untold necklaces_492
Do you know Phoebe Stout? She's the talented lady behind Untold Imprint. Several months ago, she posted about a lovely project called Craft It Forward. The first 5 people to comment on her blog received some lovely handmade goods and agreed to do the same on their blog.

untold necklaces_494
I jumped at the chance. I'd be a longtime fan of Phoebe and thought the project was such a lovely idea. I received a lovely necklace/wrap bracelet, as well as a pretty tea towel and hand printed card.

untold necklaces_493
The sweet tea towel graces a wall in my work studio.

I've purchased several of Phoebe's pieces since, and they've been in heavy rotation all summer.

untold necklaces_489

untold necklaces_488

The little green necklace features a lovely brass bell that gently tinkles when I move.

untold necklaces_491
This photo is for my husband, who complains that I never include photos of me fully smiling.

Phoebe has such a lovely sense of aesthetics: calm and natural. And very beautiful quality!

So, if you would like to receive a little handmade treat, leave me a comment. The first five people who do will receive a package from me. Once you do, write a blog post about it and continue the project by sending something handmade to the first five commenters on your post. Send anything handmade by you, before the end of 2012.




This sounds like fun. I'd like to do it!



Lovely! Please count me in.



What lovely little trinkets and a great idea! It is nice to see you fully smiling once in a while. ;)



What a fun little idea! I haven't done a craft swap in ages, and it would be fun to join in.

Knit On Regardless


What a terrific idea! I would love to join in. You husband was right to encourage the smile!



Ah, just missed out ; ) what a lovely idea- I'll go and investigate and see if I can get into the circuit somehow. Thanks for letting me know!


Margie Oomen


you have the most amazing smile and eyes to match



What a cool idea!



What Margie said! ♥ Phoebe's work is so beautiful!

Sonia / Cozy Memories


I also am a fan of Phoebe's, but haven't acquired anything yet.
I agree with Margie, you have the most terrific eyes & smile, I was so happy to see your face today ! Such a ray of sunshine !!

Annie @ knitsofacto


Bother, I missed it,

You do have a beautiful smile :D

Lori ann


a little handmade gift from you, mamma mia, i like the idea, sorry i was away! love the beautiful phoebe treasures too.
you are so pretty, i am a quiet smiler too. :)

her billowing heart


thats a lovely thought! your blog is gorgeous, just too much loveliness!!!