Friday, July 20, 2012

Vitamin P

My, that went by fast. I've been on holidays for the past 2 weeks and can hardly believe it's almost over. The first week was blissfully spent by the ocean, at my parents in New-Brunswick. Sorry, no photos this time. We were too busy doing nothing (aka reading, knitting, swimming, beach-combing, eating, domino ass-kicking).

vitamin p_386

This second week, I tried to catch up on non-work life, and managed to cross off barely 10% of my to-do list. Oh well. One thing on my list was to take photos of some past FO's that I had yet to document. Which is why I am wearing a wool sweater in the height of summer. What I won't do for you guys...

 vitamin p_384

Meet "Vitamin P", my take on Heidi Kirrmaier's beautiful Vitamin D pattern. I knit it in Madeline Tosh Light, in the Briar colourway, which may not have been the best choice for this ode to short rows (a brilliantly written pattern by the way). I find that the construction of this garment really accentuates the stripey effect of the semi-solid yarn (love striped, not so sure about stripey). I've always had a complicated relationship with variegated yarns.

And it kind of takes me way out of my neutral comfort zone. (To get a taste of my neutral obsession, take a look at my homage to bland).

Also, I'm not convinced this is the best silhouette for me. But I think it looks good with charcoal, which constitutes 98% of my wardrobe, so it's all good.

vitamin p_388

Speaking of charcoal, the dress I'm wearing is one that I picked up at a charity shop yesterday for practically nothing and I lovelovelove it! The fabric falls so beautifully, it's the perfect length for me, and best of all, it has pockets.

So I've got another 48 hours of freedom before I return to my cubicle (boohiss), and I plan on spending them wisely with:

 - Lots of (secret) knitting

secret knitting_395

- A crazy 27 km run, according to my marathon training schedule (lordhelpme)

- Some desperately-needed laundry

- And more excitingly, I need to tell you about a little giveaway I'll be having.

Make sure you stay tuned! Have a great weekend.




Nothing about you is bland, so just stop it. :)



Love everything about this post-Vit P is beautiful, LOVE your dress find (what length is it?)and inspired by your 'homage'! Totally agree with the obsession with neutral/natural colours. I find it very difficult to branch out myself, but purple is a colour that looks good on everyone. You look so tanned, you'd think you'd been in the Bahamas ;-)instead of New Brunswick. The sun is just refusing to come out in Europe this year so wool wearing here not a problem I'm afraid. Good for knitting though!

Margie Oomen


you look more adorable that when i saw you just before you went on vacation
(now how is that even possible:)



Your dress is quite lovely! Lucky you. And your knitting, as always, is beautiful--color and all.



perty!! i want to get my hands on some tosh...give it a try someday too.

Annie Cholewa


I have yet to knit with Madelinetosh Light - it's hard to come by here - but I love the look of it. And of your Vitamin P, which makes me think of blackcurrants :D

Francis et Rosella Dupuis


You must have played dominos and ''kicked ass''at some other place than our house in New Brunswick.

Just to keep the record straight, if I remember well, your father (me) won 5 games out of 9, his daughter Nicole (you) won 2 games out of 9 and both his wife Rosella (your Mom) and his son in law Mark (your husband) both won one game out of nine.

So, who would you say was ''kicking ass'' and exactky who's ass was being kicked? Ha!!!




first, ahaha at your daddy's comment above, sorry but I had to laugh aloud ! LOL

then ... oh lady, sorry your vacation is already over, but I'm glady ou had such a great time with your family & even got to see our beloved M before you left.
This sweater is lovely. I like it best when it's closed. So glady ou found a dress that looks so good on you, feels good when worn & for almost nothing.

Sending you my hugs & kisses xoxo



Nicole you're looking beautiful in that sweet Vitamin P cardi. Glad you had a blissful holiday, that's just the way holidays should be!



I think it's gorgeous and the striping is pretty cool. It looks great pinned or open.



Haha, papa, if you carefully re-read my post, you will notice that I wrote "we were too busy.... ass-kicking". "We" doesn't specify who did the ass-kicking, and who's ass was kicked. Every round was an opportunity for a new kicker/kickee. I don't deny that you had the lion's share of victories. But who's counting when you're having fun??

Love ya anyways! xoxo Nicole

Lori ann


SO cute, you, your sweater, your papa...and so astonishingly unbland your pinterest pages. you've convinced me i must join there, and you've made me wish for dark hair.
love your dress too dear.

Lori ann


forgot to say, good luck with le run!



I LOVE your style N! I am avid follower of your pins :-) You look so beautiful with your stripey sweater. I'm in awe of your knitting talents as I only know how to knit straight scarves, he he. Your daddio cracked me up!

harmony and rosie


Nicole I love your new knit and many congrats for breaking out of the grey, must have taken quite some doing. Ism ├╝ber jealous of your dress find, it is stunning (green eyes).

Kate x



It's always good to step out of your comfort zone! I have issues with variegated yarns too, mainly because I want to know where exactly my colors are going to end up. But a subtle variegation like this one is quite nice. If it's bugging you too much you can always overdye it. You would love making AlabamaChanin garments, it's all about the texture and fit and you could have an entire charcoal wardrobe!



beautiful you, beautiful knits and beautiful dress! and i love your neutral pinboards, too.