Sunday, March 27, 2011

Busy hands

This beautiful, sunny weekend, my hands have been busy:

jean patches in progress
Sewing patches on my jeans,

Contented cardi in progress
working on a sample of the Contented Cardi for Hannah,

Waiting for Margie
preparing a meal for a very special guest,

Margie's gift 1
holding a precious package,

Margie's gift 2
discovering the beautiful gift that lay inside,

Margie's gift 4
touching and admiring the incredibly fine stitches, and soft, smooth bamboo.

Crochet stone 1

crochet stone 4

(Thank you, thank you Margie. It was an absolute delight to finally meet you!)


Janet Brown


Just discovered your blog. Fun, entertaining writing, gorgeous photography, lovely give-a-aways! I'll be back



very nice patches nicole!

Margie Oomen


it was such an amazing pleasure to meet you too nicole.
You are just as beautiful and creative as I thought you would be.
i thought of you as we hiked into my sister's cottage north of wakefield. I would love for you come canoeing up there with me this summer.



What a gorgeous little package. Such nice pictures, I hope you enjoyed the weekend.

Missy knits


I can't wait to see your finished Contented Cardi. I love the pattern and have been keeping my eye out for the perfect yarn for the project. Your choice looks just gorgeous!!



ooooh now you're making me jealous !!! (no, I'm kidding) ;-)
thank you so much for your visits on my blog & for your comments. As you have understood now, I'll be visiting M this summer, and it'll be the biggest trip (and most exciting too) of my life. I'm not sure I'll be sleeping a single minute LOL
The bamboo pebble is amazing, and it was matching your outfit so perfectly !!! And the wrapping is just as perfect as what it was holding ... that Margie ... she really is one of a kind.
Have a great week ahead !

t does wool


absolutely busy and beautifully blue hands Nicole~x

The A.D.D. Knitter


Such gorgeous springtime light! What a lovely series of images.



Lovely white light seeping through everything, happy place. And how lucky you are to have a resurrection fern crocheted rock, I adore them.

The Muse of The Day


I see that you got one of the new covered bamboo pieces. I love all of Margie's work. I just completed a project inspired by her stones. I love the gentle color of the yarn she used on your piece. Carolina