Friday, January 30, 2009

Long live the queen

So I knit a pair of toasts again, this time in a yarn that my persnickety wrists could not complain about.

Handmaiden 4-ply cashmere, 1 skein (170m and I used it all up).
Fantabulous pattern here (as if I needed to tell you!)

My sweetheart christened me the "Queen of Cashmeria" a long time ago. I scour Value Village and St-Vincent de Paul for second-hand cashmere sweaters. I don't even care if they're moth-eaten or unflattering (those I wear to putter around the house, or when I go skiing). I own a lot of them.

Can I ask you? Am I the only one who dreams of having cashmere blankets, long johns, bath mats, tea-cozies? Would cashmere upholstered furniture be considered going overboard?

Cashmeria. I rule it with an iron fist in a cashmere glove.
My land!