Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Secret knitting - Part 3

Ok, this isn't technically secret knitting. These wrist warmers were originally knit for me.


But sadly, I've discovered that the skin on my inner forearm is extremely sensitive. The yarn I chose is an incredibly soft mix of bamboo and baby alpaca, and still, I get all red and itchy after 5 minutes of wear.

Maybe one of you would like them? Ok, here's where the "secret" part comes in. Leave me a comment divulging a "secret" related to your knitting. It could be a favourite knitting tip of yours, an admission on how big your stash is, or perhaps a story about a garment that didn't turn out and that you didn't even want to blog about.


You have a week to comment, and then I'll divulge the (randomly chosen) winner.

By the way, if these wrist-warmers look very familiar to you, they should. They're based on ones featured in the latest Toast catalog, made famous in the knitting world by Leslie's amazing version. Truth is (since we're divulging secrets here) I was similarly inspired, and probably cast-on for mine around the same time she did. Like-minded "friends" perhaps? Kudos go to her for actually writing up a fantastic pattern and taking such beautiful pictures. I'm way too lazy for all of that.