Friday, August 22, 2008

3 FO's and a half

A parade of simple socks, most of which have been patiently sitting in my basket, awaiting their mates:

Austerman Step in "Schlamm"
For DH. I'm a bit "meh" about this yarn. I think I've been spoiled, and it's hard for me to get excited by commercial sock yarn. But the ol' man likes them.

From a few posts back, Phildar Preface in marine and ecru, and a touch of STR in Pondscum. I'm popping these in the mail for my maman.

Compare and contrast the gargantuan black hole sock (Regia 6-ply) with the pale blue one (Regia 3-ply). Bear in mind that the blue one is a women's size 9 1/2. So basically, the black one is Hagrid-sized. Actually it's for my dad. This is my second attempt at knitting him socks. The first pair didn't exactly fit. I'm sending him this single sock, hoping that like Cinderella, it will slip effortlessly on his honking hoof. I'm not knitting the second one till I get confirmation that this one fits. That's a lot of sock, people! The blue one does have a mate, and this pair is mine.

Have a great weekend. I'll be busy slaying more wips. I've got a major incentive to get them done, as I won't allow myself to start this till everything else is done. A fantastic motivator!