Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Delicate colours and textures

After a winter of bright knits (pond scum anyone?), I'm now ready for more delicate colours. Not necessarily what one would think of as "pastel", but more subtle, faded hues.

Dove and putty greys, linen whites, pale straw yellows, fawn browns...


I think this beret is a lovely example of a delicate hue highlighted with little bright punctuations. It's Koigu's KPPPM in the softest shell pink, dotted with teeny specks of peach, coral, indigo, moss.... I love this little hat.


I used the Purl Bee beret pattern, but in reverse stockinette stitch which produces a subtle texture that diffuses the variegation so prettily.

Speaking of delicate, I could live in this world for ever! It just seems so relaxing. It's probably also the lack of real life clutter: no unopened mail, dust bunnies, dirty laundry piles, unwashed dishes. So unlike my real house. A girl can dream though....

(In case you're wondering what colour the Koigu is, I'm afraid to say that the skein was bought a million years ago and I no longer have the label. I checked the Koigu website and I didn't see this colourway so they may not make it anymore...)