Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dark and light

Many of you asked which Perl Grey kit I ended up buying. Guided by my desire for something totally mindless, cozy and neutral, I went with Jo, a simple turtleneck that's knitted sideways, in once piece.

Colour choice had a significant role in my selection, as I totally fell in love with the dark, raven-ey hues in this kit. As you know, darks are notoriously difficult to capture, so imagine this as a darker, deeper, more saturated mélange.

I also bought myself another present: a ball winder. I know, I know, it was about time, right? No more tightly-wound rolly-polly balls for me. Center-pull yarn cakes, here I come.

As a total contrast to the moody tones of Jo, I'm also working on some extremely vibrant Snicket Socks.

Socks that Rock "Pondscum".

Happy knitting!