Monday, April 2, 2007


I am always cold. Always. My loved-ones call me Nicold. I think I've already mentioned that I wear hats indoors. I also wrap myself in blankets at the beach. In the summer. I regard air-conditionning as one of the great technological evils of the 20th century. My mother contends that I've got ice-water running in my veins. This is a very bad thing when one lives in one of the coldest cities in the world. But it's a very good thing when one loves wool the way I do.

Which brings me to one of the bargains I picked up at that warehouse sale I was telling you about last time. Among other things, I snagged two deeply discounted balls of Rowan Kid Classic in a creamy café au lait colour, just the right amount to make this:

Pattern: Hottie by Kim Hargreaves, from Rowan Number 28 (one of my all-time favourite Rowan mags)

Materials: 2 balls of Rowan Kid Classic (76% Lambswool, 26% Kid Mohair, 4% Nylon) in shade # 816.
Mods: I made 2 major changes to the pattern. I skipped the frilly neck edge for a more classic rib. I also knit it in reverse stocking stitch for a more nubbly texture.

This hot-water bottle has not left me all weekend. I just sat around, hugging and petting it like it was my beloved childhood pet. I think my husband was starting to feel neglected and just a little bit jealous. Of the hot-water bottle.

Welcome to my sad, sad life.

(It's not lost on me that while everyone else is blogging about cool summer knits/cotton and linen fibres/daffodils and cherry blossoms, I'm rhapsodizing about a mohair hot-water bottle cover. Seriously, why didn't I knit this in October?)

Not to beleaguer the point, but when I came across this cute but unflattering bit of knitting via this blog , I thought to myself "hmm... could I get away with wearing this to work?". To be fair, I think these belly-warmers look adorable on beanpole japanese models. Needless to say I am not a beanpole japanese model.




What a cute turtleneck hot water bottle cover! My favorite part is the ribbed button band.

I'm still excited about wool despite the spring weather, too. Cotton and linen are just murder on my hands, so I'll stick to wool/alpaca/mohair all spring and summer long.

Thanks for your kind comment over at my blog.



That last photo looks like it's from a magazine. So beautiful.

The A.D.D. Knitter


You are what the French call 'frileuse':prone to being constantly cold!

Any opportunity to use Rowan without breaking the bank is a joy.

I love the modification you made to the original pattern--I agree that the frills were not essential.



I love your water bottle cozy. That last picture was so pretty. Like you, I am forever freezing. As I write this, I've got a heating pad at my back.



I am also always cold. Must be a Maritimer thing! My hot water bottle has an ugly hand towel whip stitched on it . . . I should knit up one of those cozies.

And I LOVE those belly warmers. They're not all that unflattering. If you wore it under a shirt, it would just look like a longer shirt peeking out from underneath. I'm tempted to cut up a thrift store shirt and make one . . .



Ooooh, warm and cozy. Beautiful water bottle cover.