Saturday, April 7, 2007

Happy Christmas..... uh.... I mean Easter

Long Easter weekend, woohoo. Time for pretty spring dresses, chocolate pigouts, and sunny bouquets of daffodils. And what did the Easter bunny bring me this year?

Snow. Beautiful, serene, seasonally-inappropriate snow.
Global warming my arse.

The cardinals this morning seemed to be saying WTF???

Sigh... I guess it wasn't too late to knit the hot-water bottle cover after all.

In knitterly news, I got excited today when I realized I was on my last chart for the Icarus shawl. Only 28 rows left. Glory be! 28 rows is nothing! I can put away 28 rows in no time! I've got this beotch licked!

Then I remembered that right now, each row has a whopping 435 stitches. Let's do the math shall we?

28 x 435 = a crap load of stitches.

Oh, and it's more than that, because the shawl grows by four stitches every other row. So I have close to 13 000 stitches left to knit.

Will you excuse me? I need to go crawl under my bed and assume the fetal position for a few hours.

(I didn't even bother trying to take a good picture of this fugly albatross. We hates it.)

So of course, the only sane reaction to this torture is to start a new project. Don't judge me, it's just to take the edge off, ok? What I need is garter heaven. A mindless, chartless, not-black garter-stitch square, in thick Aran wool, on decent-sized needles.

Ahh.... that's better. Can anyone guess what I'm making?
(A hint: apparently this sweater is "EZ" to make.)




Oh, I know that nobody wants to see snow in April, but your pictures are so pretty.

The A.D.D. Knitter


I know, the snow put a major damper on my weekend as well!:(



That little bird does look confused. Great shot.