Sunday, May 8, 2016

Episode 2

Welcome to the second episode of the gentle knitter podcast.

In this episode I talk about:

- Hermione's everyday socks:

- Ryðrauð cardigan:

- Istex yarns:

- Big star shawl:

- Twist fibre festival:

- Small flowers mitts:

- Kammebornia podcast:

- My museum:




What a wonderful way to spend a 1/2 hour...your podcast, tea, Gobstopper yarn that I'm knitting in a pattern called Bru. Just lovely.



this episode was as wonderful as the first!!! Thanks for sharing your time and talents. (and inspiration....must start my icelandic cardi!!!)

Leigh M.


Another wonderful (and amazing and inspiring and informative and incredibly kind...and did I say inspiring? ; ) ) episode! love. xo



thanks for it. Cool! geoteknik

Jane Dale


Lovely podcast Nicole I enjoyed it as much as the first one. Thank you for taking the time to share your knitting and thoughts with us - I want to knit everything you are knitting and have cast on Lala's shawl in Kauni effect tarn but haven't separated the shades - too lazy I'm afraid. Have also acquired a 'Rusty' amount of plotulopi!
Kind regards Jane Dale



The vendor at Twist that sells the fibre along the back wall is Wellington Fibres.




What a wonderful and very authentic podcast. I really enjoy watching you and listening to you. Thanks for taking the time and talking about your knitting. I found you because Melody mentioned your podcast and I'm so happy I did follow her advice.

Maria José


Thank you for sharing your projects and time.
You inspire calm, peace ... so good.

With love from Portugal



Hi Nicole,

Congratulations on the podcast, I'm in bed recovering from the flu and it has definitely brighten up my day.
I don't have much time for blog reading anymore so it was such a nice surprise to find out you started a podcast, your knitting has always been so inspiring to me.
Thank you for sharing this and keep up the good work!



I love your podcast!
I've watched e 03
Will there going to be shownotes to e03?



Hei - love your podcast :-)
Pinneguri is norwegian by the way

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