Saturday, February 14, 2015

Messy, cozy, quiet...

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As you may have noticed, I'm in extreme-quiet mode this winter.  Not for any particular reason. Just because. I'm going with it.

The house is messy, cozy, and quiet this blustery valentine's day. Camped on the couch, reading about strange Emily Dickenson, listening to Nick's divine mother, eating chocolate-covered sponge toffee, while my sweetheart sleeps in. As close to heaven as I can be, frankly.

Hope your valentine's day is messy with chocolate, warmth and love too....



Claire (de Shetland!)


oh comme j'aime ce post Nicole! Happy valentine's day!
Et ces chaussettes sont exquises... quel modèle please?
bisous bisous

{having}my druthers


i don't know about messy, but i 'feel' the cosy when looking at your pictures. :) to me, that's what winter is all about: being cosy and warm...just taking a break from it all. enjoy!


*~* Kim *~*


What a cozy post! I have been wishing and hoping for snow and cold weather--even lots of rain and wind--a proper Seattle no avail. It has been rainy in spits and spurts but freakishly warm. Like in the upper 50's --close to 60 degrees. I have knit gorgeous shawls and shawlettes and fingerless mitts and it is almost too warm to wear any of them. Boo! I hope the rest of your day remained cozy and lazy as well...

Sonia / Cozy Memories


There is no problem being quiet on the blog, as long as we know you're doing fine. :) Looks like you're doing cozily indeed ! I love all those neutral & soft hues, the blankets, the knits, the teapot, the candle, the cushions, ... what a beautiful way to enjoy life & I couldn't agree more.
I wish you a beautiful rest of February my friend. Sending love xoxo



La dentelle de la trousse est si belle, avec les petits points d'esprit... L'hiver, c'est si doux quand on peut rester au calme, au doux, au chaud !



Claire, le modèle des chaussettes est le "primavera":




That looks so restful and calm - a lovely way to spend the day!



february is the 'coziest' month for me, too.....i just simply want to nest----and the nest you have surrounding you is very very inviting!!!

Plain and Joyful Living


Such beautiful muted colors. Enjoy!

Jo - The Knitographer


Oh it does look cozy there! Keep snug!



Such a beautiful pictures and colours..:)

Margie Oomen


I have been embracing all things cozy too this cold month. Love each and every photograph.

Lori ann


oh my dear nicole, i wanted to say exactly what margie has, every single photo. i love everything, i want to climb into each one (to touch, feel, smell). so much tender beauty. all of it so much you. i love the music too. i'm so glad you've been enjoying your white winter. it all sounds perfect. xxx

Roberta Mendes


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I notice you doesn't blog often anymore but I wan't to say that your pictures are super!



Your photos reflects serenity and peace. Love that sofa...wonder where you got it, we are looking sofas and I can't decide. Thank you for this post. Very pretty!!

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Uloma Jennifer


love each of your pix, the pix are super

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