Monday, October 22, 2012


I did it!!! I ran a marathon. A very slow one, but a marathon just the same. What a fantastic experience. The weather was absolutely perfect, the course was gorgeous (and flat) and I felt strong the whole time.

(my very sweet and patient inlaws waited a looong time to cheer me at the finish line!)

10 things I learned from running a marathon:

1) The "wall" is definitely real (it really, really hurts)
2) Choosing the right underwear is one of the most important decisions you'll make (hint: no seams, lace or cotton)
3) Just because you're training for a marathon doesn't mean you can eat all the chocolate you want
4) Don't assume you'll lose any weight from training for a marathon (see #4). You might even gain a few pounds (ahem...)
5) The camaraderie among the "slowpokes" is fantastic
6) Race volunteers and cheering spectators will propel you through those tough miles (thank you!!!)
7) Funny signs rock (my favourite: "that's not sweat, it's just your fat cells crying" )
8) A cheesy, running-themed ipod playlist is surprisingly motivational
9) Having your loved ones cheering you on is even more motivational
10) You'll burst with pride crossing that finish line, and you won't care that you came in 955th out of 1058

Thank you for all your encouragement! It was really heartwarming to feel you guys cheering me on. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go lay down.





Congratulations! A major accomplishment. As a old, non-runner, I was privledged to cheer on the wounded warriors at the Marine Corps Marathon (my son ran it last year) and the Army 10 Miler (yesterday). Watching these men and women, some in carts, some on spring-loaded running prosthetics, others with missing arms, and even the blind running in a group has to be one of the definitions of courage. I yelled so much last year at MCC I lost my voice for two weeks, but it was worth it if it meant sustaining folks a various points on their run...especially the last .2. Again, congratulations to you for your accomplishment...happy your family was there for you.



wow! Congratulations! :)



You did it!! Congratulations!!!
So glad your mum and dad could be there to watch! *assuming of course that that is your mum and dad* :)



Amazing! I cannot even imagine running a marathon, and you did it!! What an awesome accomplishment.



What an achievement.
You deserve to feel as proud as you do.



Congrats, Nicole! What an accomplishment!



Such a fun post Nicole and such a HUGE accomplishment.
Yay you!



Amazing! I'm clapping for you all the way down here in Mexico ♥ Congratulations!



COngrats Nicole!!! You are in the small club that can say that you have done a marathon. I look forward to you joining me in training for an IronMan.

As for your 10 things:

1) Suck it up buttercup!

2) What do you mean undies allowed in running shorts.

3) Yes it does. Without the chocolate you would give up on the training. Chocolate is a gooooood drug.

4) What you gain is muscle mass so do not sweat the few extra pounds. I bet your clothes fit a lot better.

5) No slowpokes alllowed!!! There are only fastest, faster and fast runners in any race. You are running faster than the person sitting on a couch.

6) Race volunteers rock

7) Love the funny signs, makes me forget the pain if just for a few minutes

8) I tried to run with music a few times, I am tone deaf so it just interfers with my pace. I run faster without music. Maybe cheese is the way to go.

9) Friends and family are great along the route. They can tell you after the race that you did great and look great. Then post pictures on FaceBook of you where you look like death warmed over.

10) Never a better looking smile than the one you have as you cross the finish line. The sense of accomplishment is wonderful and you tell yourself that you will never do this again. That is until two days later and you tell yourself that you can do better and start training for the next race.

What do you think....Boston???

Lori ann


eeps!! i'm so happy for you! huge congratulations, you look fantastic, love that heartwarming photo of you with your inlaws!
you are so inspiring nicole, i don't know if i'll run competively again, too many injuries (one running related, tore my meniscus trail running, and i'm 56, maybe too old!) but i'm dreaming of it now, the marathon still eludes me, i've only done 1/2's...
enjoy a well deserved lie down!



Congratulations! I bet it's much more fun to watch, but I actually really envy you your courage to DO it! You go, girl!



I am very proud of you! What inspired you to do a marathon and 42 km!!! 10 would be enough, geez. I cannot imagine running for over 5 hours but then I remembered my 26 hours of labour for my first baby and am amazed how strong we really are. I hope you are feeling good post run. You have inspired me!



Congratulations !
You're wonderfull and the best !
Kiss of France



I am embarking on a half in four weeks and I'm nervous but seeing posts like this and Duane's above give me confidence.

Annie Cholewa


Wow! Awesome!!

My son completed his first marathon in 5.23 a few weeks ago. And I'll say to you what I said to him ... the time is irrelevant, the fact that you ran a marathon at all is just amazing and sets you apart.

Truly chuffed for you Nicole x