Thursday, September 27, 2012



Things are so hectic! Work is super busy which doesn't leave much energy for anything else. Gris production is in full fall swing. And then there's that October marathon I've been training for. I did my last long training run last Sunday. 37 kilometres. Yes, I've been questioning my sanity.

Been listening to WAY too much Kate Bush while I write, stitch, and run. Do you have any good music recommendations to carry me through these next few weeks?

I would be much obliged.


 I should mention that some of my hand-made goods are available at Bookhou right now if you're in the GTA. It's getting to be that time...



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I just saw the exquisite woolen wares you made for Bookhou! You have magic hands!
I always listen to Ray Lamontagne's Gossip in the Grain when I need inspiration & I have lots of work to plow through.
Such cute photos of you :-)

Cristina Rose


i love she & him, mazzy star & the civil wars <3

Sonia / Cozy Memories


I agree with Geninne's, these are such adorable photos of you ! :)
You've been ever so busy, and I hope there'll be time soon when you'll be able to relax & put your feet up.
The new GRIS are scrumptious, they look so comfy & warm !



I'm soooo proud of you for your dedication to your marathon training - good luck on your run, I know you will be GREAT!!!! Luv R



you are so pretty in the last photo
I am always envious of runners - I couldn't do it
I love mumford and sons - they are good and peppy.



THE perfect hat. I'm a total Pandora addict and have several stations based on artists that I especially like, Koop Island Blues (jazzy, world), Scissors Sisters (when I need to really get moving), Mumford & Sons, Florence and the Machine, and Edith Piaf (for accordion tango).



Andrew Bird, always.



I wish Bookhou shop was down the road so I could nip in and grab myself a pair of those long mittens, and your hat, and, and...
I love Craftivore's suggestions for music. When I was addicted to running in earlier years my favorite running album was, Scenes from the Southside by Bruce Hornsby and the Range. I pounded up and down San Francisco streets to that one, it had a perfect beat for my stride. Good luck with your training and the marathon.
PS, I adore that last photo too, such natural beauty.

Lori ann


pretty girl, love your knits. tomorrow is our local triathlon that i did for many years, it makes me feel a little sad those days are probably over (sports injuries). yay for your marathon, i think it's the best thing one can do to stay sane.
sigor ros for thinking, the killers for running.



I am so happy I found this lovely blog.
Have you listened to Monsters and Men? They are my running buddies.

Annie @ knitsofacto


Gorgeous hat :D

My son is running a marathon soon. Good luck with yours :D

Margie Oomen


i could just hug you now but I guess I will leave that to the weekend. You are amazing with how you balance work, making, well being and just being so adorable. I love all the suggestions above but would add to it lilt's favourite music these days, classic motown. I have been exercising to it every morning and find it really gets me in the right mood.

Chronic Ennui


You rock the gray hats! John Mayer Born and Raised got me through the Summer...



Hello, have just stumbled across your blog - it's very sweet! Love that last picture.



Good luck with your marathon! As for music, I know that podrunner has tons of sets for workouts, but you have a long way to run and I don't know if they could keep up! I like Mother Mother and Blue Ocean. But..... Jet's Overhead is pretty good too.



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