Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fresh and fun

winter ski_267
There's nothing like a fresh blanket of snow to greet the new year.

winter ski_266

winter ski_269
Though my busy schedule has left very little time for play, I couldn't help but go out for a bit of fun. The ski season is so short and precious.

winter ski_268
I hope that you have taken some time to enjoy the fresh new year too!




Just gorgeous! It's always a good idea to get some fresh air and enjoy the great outdoors, in my book. We're finally getting snow, which has made me very happy.

Margie Oomen


oh how i wish we had that much snow here



I would be jealous but we got snow last night :) Not sure how long its going to stick around for though.



oh lady, I missed you so much in this space ! But I know you were busy enjoying life (among other things), and that's how it should be.
I wish we had a little tiny day of snow this year, but frankly I think I can forget about it ... sigh.
good luck for everything you need to do, and thank you always for your visits & kind words, they mean a lot to me.

harmony and rosie


No snow here, but icy cold. Love your wintery photos. Thanks for the lovely comment on my wool dress (and the pins!!), I'll be wearing that this weekend to keep me snug.
Kate x