Sunday, November 29, 2009

So thankful!


As my American friends celebrate thanksgiving this weekend, I too have so much to be grateful for. You see, Friday night, I had a little accident. I was hit by a car while running. I was crossing a busy street at the crosswalk (I did have the right of way) and a turning car didn't see me and struck me. Miraculously, I have no serious injuries. My right knee is a bit busted up, and I have bruises and scrapes everywhere, but I'm so insanely happy to be in one piece.

The whole thing was so surreal. The sudden, intense blow to the body (I did not see it coming), the crowd of people, the sirens, the ambulance ride—it was so weird. Surprisingly, I was quite calm. My only worry was that my husband would be scared when he got the call from the police. Once he showed up at the hospital I felt better. It took a long time while they checked me out (x-rays, cat scans, tetanus shot, glueing my head back together—fun times!) but the final verdict was that I would come out of it alive and happy.

And friends, I am SO HAPPY! You can't even imagine! Happy that I'm here, happy to live in a country with universal health care (I can't imagine the medical bills I would have otherwise!) happy for all the lovely people that care about me, and happy that I can still knit (no damage to the hands, people!)

The paramedic told me I should buy a lottery ticket. What a lucky girl I am! My marathon training might have to wait, but I don't care. Walking with a cane is a blessing compared to the alternative.

So, let's spread some of this luck around. On to the Selvedge giveaway. The random number generator picked Cornflower as the lucky winner (visit her great blog and book club!) Congratulations! Please email me with your address and I'll send the magazine to you, as soon as I can hobble to the post office.

Happy thanksgiving everyone!




Ok, I known, it was in November but I have to say...OMG, I'm so happy that you are ok with no serious injuries!!! It is so scary!!!!