Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hard-won success!

Did you ever have yarn in your stash that you thought was absolutely lovely, but try as you might, you could never knit a successful garment out of it?

Such was the case with this yarn. For years, it refused to turn itself into something worthy.

After failing miserably at being a Jane, a Clapotis, a Shorelines, and an Ene's, I felt like giving up on it. The thick and thin quality of the yarn makes for uneven-looking knitting (something I have "difficulty" with during the pre-blocked knitting stage). I finally decided that simpler was better and knit a very long and wide Garter Rib scarf. Even then, I had to stop every 4 inches or so and steam what I had knit to reassure myself that it was going to look decent. I couldn't stand how crumpled it looked.

But now, I'm quite happy.


The earrings are the second installment of my birthday goodies. Aren't they sweet? The talented Elizabeth Scott has pressed hydrangea flowers into silver. All her designs are truly sigh-worthy (oh, the birch bark ring...)

One more package to come, and this is some handspun goodness. Come on, hurry up Mrs. Postwoman!