Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The warmth of friends

It was my dear friend Sarah's birthday on Sunday, so I had to make her a little something to keep her warm this winter. Haven was an appropriate choice: that's exactly what friendship like hers is like—a haven.

Sarah's Haven
(Sorry for the image quality. It was a late night fueled with too much food, drink, laughs and games. I almost won at Clue. I knew I couldn't trust Colonel Mustard!)

Pattern: Haven, by Kim Hargreaves, in Heartfelt, The Dark Collection
Yarn: Rowan's Cocoon, in "Cloud".
Mods: Worked on 7 mm instead of 8, because apparently I'm a loose woman. Only used 3 balls instead of 4 because Sarah is petite. 4 balls would make an incredibly looooong scarf.

This was an incredibly speedy knit. I cast on Wednesday, cast off Friday, blocked Saturday, and wrapped it up Sunday. I think she liked it. It sure looks pretty on her.