Monday, September 3, 2007

So far, so very very good

You know how some knitting projects are effortless and seem to knit themselves? I'm talking about the kind of project that unrelentingly compels you to "just knit one more row" because each new colour and pattern addition delights you more than the last?

The Oregon vest is that kind of knitting. I've been working steadily on it for the last week, loving every minute. Thanks Alice!

For those who are wondering if everything else in my life has been set aside, well, sorta, but I haven't forgotten that I need to:
- update you on Cobblestone (which is my "no matter what's going on" knitting, while Oregon is my "sit and concentrate" knitting)
- finish showing-and-telling the rest of my vacation stash enhancement (and oooh, there's some good stuff I haven't blogged about yet)
- talk about the lovely knitter who nominated me as a "rocking girl blogger", and then nominate some bloggers that rock my world
- break out a few FO's that are on the brink of being done
- and tell you about what I may or may not be doing with my new spinning wheel.

I'll be posting more about these later. Right now I've got some fair-isling to do...
Happy Labour Day everyone!