Thursday, February 22, 2007

Breaking the heathens down, one handknit at a time

When my elegant, long-limbed friend and co-worker Caroline complained that the sleeves on her new coat were too short, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to infect her with fiberitis. I see it as my mission in life to convert as many people as possible to the holy church of knitting. And I've managed, with the expert help of Judith, the High Priestess of Fleece here at work, to bring several colleagues over to the dark side through our incessant flaunting of handknit sweaters, lacy shawls, yummy socks and stripey scarves. We now have several devoted initiates and a regular Friday lunch stitch&bitch. But somehow, Caroline's immune system has been strong, and she has resisted all our attempts to pull her into yarnoholism.

Well my friends, I sense that her defences may be breaking down.

I knit her these warm wristlets using a modified version of this lovely pattern by Cheryl Niamath for Knitty. I just skipped the thumb part and knit a straight tube.

To improve my odds of a successful conversion, I used the squishiest, softest yarn I could find: Mission Falls (Canadian, yay!) Aran weight Merino Superwash Wool in Damson (a endlessly deep, lush plum colour). My next move will be to leave Rowan patterns and my "crack-silk haze" Birch lying around the office. That'll finish her off!

(Some of you more observant readers will note that the wristlets were not in my original 12 UFO list. Yep, I added another project to the pile. In my defense, I felt that it was justified if it meant saving another soul from wool perdition. Back to your regularly scheduled program shortly...)




I've been eyeing up those wristlets myself. Your friend will be hooked in no time!



Snerk, "High Priestess", indeed! And to think I just got back from dragging another almost-knitter around two wool shops. Hmm, maybe I should just accept the compliment...